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"Welcome to my website. My name is Linda K. Smith. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 40 years and am a mother to 3 grown children and a grandmother to 10 wonderful grandchildren! I opened this web site to offer my one of a kind dolls made from clay and newborn/reborn dolls created from kits.

These babies are hand painted in many layers with Genesis heat set oil paints that have been baked to cure so that they are permanent.  This gives them the transparent lifelike skin tone that I desire. Many reborn artists take shortcuts to save time and money and their babies do not have the details that you will find on my babies.

You will notice veining, micro-rooted hair and other touches that bring my babies to life. It takes several days to weeks to complete one of my babies.

Each and every baby will come with a new jointed body filled with soft poly fill, poly pellets and or glass beads that have been sealed in the limbs and enclosed in bags in the bodies. I do not use sand! I was shocked to see how other reborners just pour the filling loosely in the bodies and do not seal the limbs! I am also shocked by some of the materials I have found in reborns that I have re-reborn for people such as one that I just did that had a bag of rocks in her head! I have also heard of others using beans, rice and chicken feed. You should never use a food source for weight in a doll.

A lot of my babies will come with magnetic pacifiers and care must be given around electronics and people with pacemakers. I will removed them upon request of the customer. I have covered both the magnet in the doll's head and the pacifier with felt so that there is no chance that the metal will tarnish and discolor the vinyl in later years. This is another thing that other reborners fail to do.

When I attended my first  IDEX Reborner's Convention in LAS VEGAS I could not find one reborner who took the time to cover the magnets. There were many gorgeous babies on display but I was really disappointed with the quality of some of them. I create my babies with the intentions that they will last a lifetime and can be passed down for generations to come! Buyers beware as a lot of other reborners are out there just to make a quick buck and could care less what happens to the doll once it leaves their hands! Please do research on your sellers and read their feedback! I have sold many, many dolls and have never had one complaint! I welcome anyone to go to "My Ebay" and read my feedback. My user id is "nearlyangels". I studied art for many years and have taken many classes on reborning. I just got back from the IDEX where I took a couple of workshops on painting and sculpting. I am always looking for ways to improve my art so that I can bring to you the best reborn baby possible! I have won numerous awards for my dolls including an award from the Doll IDEX  in Las Vegas NV.  I hasve also been featured in my local newspaper and many doll magazines for my ability to create lifelike baby dolls. Most recently one of my dolls won the cover of the Lifelike Dolls Magazine. I give God all the glory! I am very happy when I hear of the joy that one of my babies have brought to their new owners. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 5 years ago and creating these babies have been great therapy for me and have also given me the opportunity to meet many wonderful people. I thank God for his numerous blessings and the joy that he brings to my life!"



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